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Kids are so honest it hurts sometimes…..


So I’m really embarrassed to write this post but I have promised myself to but everything in the open so I can no longer hide anything. At Walmart today standing in the line to check out Olivia and I stopped by the national Enquirer and instantly she says “mama” and points to the clearly obese celeb on the cover. Seriously shot my self esteem to the floor. Not only that but when searching for this picture Xavier made the point that this person is mommy too. So I think from here I am going to turn my blog into some sort of weight loss journal. I know over the winter I gained all the weight back that I lost of the summer, I know a lot of it has to do with the stress of not working, and definatly not smoking has made me gain weight also my birth control. But I need to step it up and get healthy. I need to make a plan and stick to it. My first step is to set 3 major goals for myself, including how much weight I want to lose, how long I have to lose it, and what I am going to do to lose it and keep it off. This is not a poor me blog, I don’t want sympathies from anyone. Its my own fault being the size that I am, so its my responsibility to make the change. Going forward any advice you may have or words of encouragement would be greatly helpful.

So here starts my journey to weightloss. To go from nameless obese celebrity on the cover of National Enquirer to me, Ashley, and the person I am proud of being and satisfied looking at in the mirror……with the lights on:-)

Weightloss day one- weight: 230lbs


One Response to “Kids are so honest it hurts sometimes…..”

  1. First, I love your blog. You are a very good writer. It must be in our genes. 🙂

    Second, in looking at the picture, I think the kids identify you with the fact that the woman is blonde, and not because of her stomach. Yes, kids are extremely honest and blunt sometimes. When I worked at the YMCA I remember a little boy touching my stomach and asking me why did I have such a big belly? Maybe he’s the reason I hate kids……

    Third, as a person who has struggled with my weight pretty much my entire life, I understand you. One thing I’ve learned is food is the symptom of something deeper. I won’t post my entire story in this comment because this is YOUR story, but I am here to support you in any way I can!

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